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Today is Remembrance Day. It’s a day we set aside to remember those who fought for our freedom and for those who continue to do so.

remembrance dayBut do we really take time out of our busy schedules to do this? And why only once a year?

Shame on us for not paying more attention!

In honour of our veterans, I wanted to re-run a post about my Uncle Wesley. Part of the blog was taken from a short story I wrote called War Brothers. Even though the account is fictionalized it has some facts woven throughout. Check it out by clicking here:  A Tribute to a War Brother.

Let’s NOT forget to pay tribute to the men and women who fought bravely.

Many paid with their lives.

It’s the least we can do.


A Pittance of Time (by Terry Kelly)

This song says it all. Watch how the one shopper doesn’t stop to reflect. Do we do that too?


  1. Lois McGibbon

    It warms my heart, Darlene, to see this posted again. Thank you for all your writings and for sharing. You are certainly talented! I cannot imagine the hours of research you put in, no doubt far more than it takes to actually put the words to paper. Whenever you write of your Mom or the family, I instantly feel connected. The roots of our heritage take us back to a common warm and cozy place.

    I have gathered some reading material of Dad’s war experience and “War Brothers” is sitting on top to be reread.

    Proud of you and love you!

    • Darlene L. Turner

      Hi Lois!!! I wanted to do something for Remembrance Day and immediately thought of Uncle Wes. I know he loved to talk about the war.

      Thanks for your comments. Love you too! xo

  2. Diane Spearing

    Dar you are a very gifted person. Good for you my friend!!! Good for you.

    • Darlene L. Turner

      Thanks girlfriend. I appreciate all your support! 😀

  3. kharismaceyworksnovels

    Let today be a reminder of how much they really give. Blessings to them and to you for your dedication. kharis Macey

    • Darlene L. Turner

      Definitely the day to remind us how much they did and do. Thanks for stopping by Kharis.


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