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To Trust or Not to Trust—That IS the Question!

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Double Cross by DiAnn Mills

Have you ever been duped? Led to believe one thing but determined it to be untrue?

For FBI agent Laurel Evertson, the tables have turned. Five years ago she deceived organized crime bigwig Morton Wilmington into thinking he loved her, leading to his conviction. In order to solve a scam targeting the elderly, she’s now told she has to work with him. According to her superiors, Morton’s past connections would be invaluable to the investigation. After all, he found God in prison, claiming to be a changed man and wanted to set things right.

The problem?

Could she trust the man she once deceived knowing he vowed to kill her? Was his supposed conversion all a ruse to get close to her only to take her down?

Houston Police Officer Daniel Hilton’s grandparents are smack dab in the middle of the scam involving the elderly. He’d do anything to keep them safe, including teaming up with the FBI and a known felon. Double Cross

The unusual trio set out to discover the real criminals behind the deadly scam. As a mutual attraction grows between them, Laurel and Daniel both struggle with issues from their pasts. As well, neither trusts Morton and are watching his every move. Will he lead them into a double cross?

Author DiAnn Mills is a master storyteller and Double Cross is no exception. This book grabbed me from the prologue and kept me turning the pages. What’s her secret?

Cleverly crafted plot twists, well-rounded characters that jump off the page and into our hearts, and vivid imagery and deep POV inserting you into the scene as if you were filming it. Her use of words and sentence structure is every writer’s dream. I love this sentence. “Urgency whispered a deadly message.” Short and simple but powerful!

I give this second book in her FBI: Houston Series 5 stars.

Pick up a copy today!

You can trust this double cross will keep you guessing through every twist and turn to the very end!


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