I have a deep dark secret . . . are you ready? 🙂
I love snow and winter! People think I’m crazy. What can I say? Maybe it’s the writer and introvert in me, but it’s the perfect time to hibernate. It’s cold, snowy, and you’re cooped up. What more could you want? Oh . . . a good book and a roaring fire, right? Maybe a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows?
Plus, Christmas comes in this season.
There’s nothing like a quiet wintery night. The snow is falling from the sky like feathers from a pillow. There’s a hush in the air. Time has stalled.
Could the night our Savior arrived been like that (minus the snow)? Still. Serene. Not a sound to be heard except for the rustling of the animals in the stable. And then . . .
A baby’s cry.
winter-songWould we have wanted our Savior’s entrance to be any other way? Not quiet, soft, and slow? Our Christmases are rushed, noisy, and stressful. If Christ was born in our timeframe, do you think it would have been in a stable? Likely not. Perhaps in a flashy royal kingdom with gold and pageantry.
There’s a reason God sent Him when and where He did. (Click to Tweet). In a hushed and lowly stable. To a virgin and a simple carpenter.
Will you join me in celebrating His birth in hushed reverence? It’s the celebration He’s looking for.
Winter Snow Song (Audrey Assad with Chris Tomlin)
My niece introduced me to this song (thanks Alysia!). It says it all. Listen to the words and be blessed.

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