Amish Christmas Abduction By Dana R. Lynn

Irene Martello bangs on a wrong door and catches a glimpse of something she shouldn’t see. She soon finds herself being run off the road and barely escapes with her life. To top it off, she’s rescued by the man she tried hard to forget. They discover an Amish child hidden in the back seat of Irene’s car and stumble onto an abduction ring.

Police Chief Paul Kennedy is shocked to find the woman in the car is his long-lost love, but he can’t let her know the secret of why he abandoned her years ago. He tries hard to keep her and the toddler safe, but they’re hit with explosive threats around every corner.

Can Irene and Paul stop this abduction ring before the ring grabs another child or Irene is killed? Will they let go of the past and admit their growing feelings for each other? Find out in this Christmas tale.

Amish Christmas Abduction grabs the reader from page one and keeps them in a vice grip until the last page. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it had me glued. I loved the plot and the lost love angle.

The characters were well written. They jump off the page to the reader. I found myself cheering them both on and biting my nails as they’re faced with every obstacle. The little girl melted my heart.

The Christmas time frame and wintery season played well in the plot. I could picture the story as it unfolded in the Amish community. The use of imagery was also very well done.

This is the third book I’ve read by Dana R. Lynn and I have to say, each novel gets better and better. I will keep watching for this author’s next story.

I give Amish Christmas Abduction five Christmas trees. You’ll want to curl up by the fireplace to read this one!!

**Book has been provided courtesy of the author in exchange for my honest review.

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