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Jeremiah’s arthritic fingers pulled the fragile letter from its tattered envelope and smiled. This was the note that started their romance many years ago.

His mind raced back to the beach near his parents’ cottage and the first time he saw Raquel. Her long blonde hair rustled in the ocean breeze as she dug into the sand.

Jeremiah sauntered over like a zombie in a trance. Her beauty captivated him. “Watcha doing?”

She glanced at him, eyes narrowing. Eyes that mimicked the blue ocean. “Digging for clams. What does it look like?” She went back to work.

He dropped to his knees. “Want some help?” Not waiting for a response, he grabbed a shovel and dug.

She sighed. “Do I have a choice?”

“Nope. I’m Jeremiah.”


After that day they were inseparable. The end of August rolled around in the blink of an eye and they promised each other they would come back next summer.

He did.

She didn’t.

Years later Jeremiah returned to the cottage. This time though it was to get it ready to sell. His parents were unable to keep it up and his job didn’t allow for extra time away from the city.

He raked his fingers through his hair and urged his feet up the steps of this childhood safe haven. How could he part with such a treasure? An envelope sticking out of the faded birdhouse drew his attention.

A flock of seagulls fighting over abandoned bread snapped Jeremiah back to the present. He unfolded the letter and read.

To the boy who stole my heart many years ago,

Jeremiah, I’m sorry I didn’t return that next summer. My parents were both killed in a car accident on our way home and I moved out west to live with my grandmother. It’s only been recently that my career brought me back to this area.

I’m here for the summer months. If your family still owns this cottage, please pop by. I’m only two doors down the beach. I would love to see you and catch up.

                                                                                                                       Fondly yours,


Jeremiah held the letter to his chest and glanced at the beach. The love of his life once again dug for clams along the seashore. He approached. Her blonde locks had faded to grey and her hands couldn’t dig as deep, but her eyes still matched the ocean.

He smiled. Yes, their love took time but was worth the wait.

How many years would you wait for “the one”? One? Five? Seven? That’s exactly what Jacob did. Plus a week and then had to work another seven years to pay for his bride! Let’s take a closer look.

As soon as Jacob laid eyes on Rachel, he was smitten. They wanted to marry, but her father had other plans. Laban told Jacob he needed to work for him seven years. Then he’d give her hand in marriage.

Jacob worked hard those seven years and I can just imagine his excitement as the years turned to months, days, and then finally to hours. He couldn’t wait to take Rachel as his wife.

Once again Laben had other plans. After all, he couldn’t give his youngest daughter’s hand first, so he gave Jacob Leah. Can you imagine what must have gone through Jacob’s mind? “How dare you make me wait seven years and give me her.”

Good thing Jacob was a patient man. He had to only wait another week before he was awarded the love of his life—Rachel.

This love story gives me the chills. Jacob loved Rachel so much that he waited and waited.

Sometimes love takes time.

And it’s worth it.

What’s your love story? How long did you wait? Share with us!


  1. Susan Steeves

    Beautifully written Dar.I felt like I was watching a movie unfold.I loved you bringing in scripture to remind us of the story of patience.We all seem to be waiting for something in our lives to fulfill our hopes and dreams.As hard as it is sometimes….waiting is part of our journey and walk with Christ… to grow us and challenge our Faith. You are such an amazing writer Sissy !!! Love you!!!

    • Darlene L. Turner

      Thanks, Sissy. I appreciate all your encouragement in my writing journey. Yes, waiting is hard but trusting in God is what we need to do. It does grow us. Love you! xo


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