Do you ever have times when all you want to do is crawl in a hole and let life around you pass by? You feel like God has abandoned you. Everything seems to be going wrong in the world and you can’t shake the panic attack creeping in like a slithering snake? Doesn’t matter what you try, it’s not working.

I’ve been there. This week. Panic set in.

Then I was reminded that God is there. He did NOT abandon me. I just need to reach out. I know that, so why do I let things consume me? Trusting God can be a challenge sometimes. The devil likes to sneak in and tear down our self-esteem, joy, and confidence. He replaces it with lies, lies, and more lies.

When will it stop?

We need to cast the deceiver aside and trust in the One who has all the answers.

Let Him open up the heavens and wrap us in His arms.

Lord, I want to see you! Thank you for the reminder.

Open Up the Heavens – performed here by Russell & Kristi (amazing worship duo that sang at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference)

I love this song. I blast it in my car and pump my fist in praise as I drive. I imagine those around me think I’m crazy, but I don’t care! God deserves our praise.

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