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Echoes Among the Stones By Jaime Jo Wright

In present day, Aggie Dunkirk loses her job and reluctantly travels to visit her grandmother Mumsie. She starts a new job working in the town’s cemetery but finds herself thrust into a haunting mystery with her grandmother at the center. Plus, she has to deal with a quirky archeologist and can’t deny her growing feelings for him.

In 1946, Imogene Grayson finds her sister’s dead body and has to deal with painstaking grief while she tries to solve Hazel’s murder. When all leads only turn over more mysteries, Imogene struggles with moving on.

Can these two women solve the puzzles in their own eras without losing their lives?

Echoes Among the Stones is another gothic delight by Jaime Jo Wright! She is an excellent storyteller and this fourth novel proves it.

I loved the time switching between 1946 and present day. The two eras link together for an amazing mystery. The plot is solid and will keep the reader turning the pages to find out what happens next. This novel has a little bit of everything—romance, intrigue, and suspense.

My only negative comment is that there were times when the descriptions overtook the page and I found myself skimming. However, the story held my interest.

The imagery used throughout was superb. These descriptions place the reader right into the cemetery and you find yourself holding your breath as you wait for the mystery to unfold.

The characters jump off the page and resonate with the reader. Well done!

I give Echoes Among the Stones four gravestones. The story will keep the reader guessing to the very end!

**An e-copy of this book has been provided by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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    • Darlene L. Turner

      Hi DiAnn! It’s a great read. Love her writing.

    • Blossom Chambers

      How cold I get an e copy?


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