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I’m so fortunate to have amazing friends who are also writers. We’ve developed strong bonds that will stand the test of these tough times. We learn from each other, brainstorm and write together. There is also laughter and tears mixed in there too!

I am blessed.

Beyond measure.

I would like to introduce you to our Suspense Squad. We are (click on the names to see their websites):

Virginia Vaughan (aka Ginger)

Dana R. Lynn

Shannon Redmon

Sami A. Abrams

Loretta Eidson

Hope Welborn 

Patty Nicholas-Boyte

and Me!

We have a brand new website and it will feature all of our new releases and some fun author interviews. Starting with mine. Click to check out the Suspense Squad.

Here is the fun interview they did with me. Thank you ladies for the laughs!! Next up? Patricia Bradley in May!



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