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Pulse-dropping Suspense

Cold Dawn By Susan Sleeman Ex-police officer Samantha Willis has turned her badge in for a forensic kit and gloves. She finds evidence proving her friend’s death was no accident, but before she can turn it in she’s locked into a room while a fire rages around her. Can...

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The Ultimate Story

Recently, my pastor did a series on evangelism and spoke on how we need to tell our stories to reach others for Christ. Our mandate is to go into the world and share the gospel. This made me think about why and what we write. Sometimes I get caught up in the writing...

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Mardi Gras Mystery

Darkwater Lies by Robin Caroll Adelaide Fountaine just wants to run the Darkwater Inn efficiently and without trouble after returning from a six-month sabbatical, but when a jewel heist and murder lands on her doorstep, she’s once again thrust into danger. A priceless...

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ACFW February New Releases

Looking for more winter reads? Check out this list! More in-depth descriptions of these books can be found on the ACFW Fiction Finder website. Amish Romance: Convenient Amish Proposal by Jan Drexler — When Bethany Zook’s childhood friend returns to Indiana Amish...

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Cult Thriller

The Line Between By Tosca Lee Wynter Roth doesn’t fit in at New Earth. She finds herself rebelling until she’s finally cast out, leaving her lost in a world deemed to be fallen by her former leader. When an outbreak of a mysterious deadly disease emerges and the power...

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Mind Tricks

Mind Games By Nancy Mehl FBI Behavioral Analyst Kaely Quinn is the most sought-after profiler the FBI has seen, but she has an intriguing past—one that she fights to put behind her. Plus, her techniques to create a profile are unique, disturbing, and unheard of....

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From My Playlist – Awaken Me

Happy New Year! Can you believe it's already mid-January? Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas with your family and friends. The decorations are now taken down at our house and 2019 is into full swing. Lots on my mind as I start planning my goals for this year. Do...

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ACFW January New Releases

Looking for some winter reads? Check this list out. Click to tweet. More in-depth descriptions of these books can be found on the ACFW Fiction Finder website. Amish Romance: Seasons of an Amish Garden by Amy Clipston — Enjoy a year of beautiful seasons in this new...

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