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I threw the piece on the floor. “I counted wrong again,” I said to my mom. “This is so frustrating. Why is it so important to count every stitch?”

Mom put her cross-stitch piece down, picked up mine from the floor, and sat beside me. “It takes patience Darlene. You have to count each stitch in order to centre the piece on your cloth. If you don’t, the picture won’t turn out properly.”

“Does it really matter if I miss a stitch?”

“Yes, each one has a purpose.” She placed the cross-stitch back on my lap. “Now, start over. In the end, you’ll appreciate that you took the time to count because it will be perfect.”

Sighing, I started again. “One, two, three…”

My mom taught me how to cross-stitch. The concept boggled my mind. How was I going to get that pattern on this piece of aida cloth by counting?

It’s simple. Really. You find the center of your pattern and then do the same with your piece of cloth. Then, you begin your pattern in the middle. Seems strange to start something in the middle, but in this case it’s really the beginning. Huh?

It’s true. You count each stitch from the mid-point of your piece. Then you make each one into an ‘x’ and voilà! Your picture emerges. At the end, you finish it off by outlining. Why? It gives it details and brings it to life.

I look at the concept of cross-stitching and think about what Mom said. Each stitch is important. Together they create the big picture. In the beginning we may not see what it’s going to look like, but we trust by counting each one that the end product will be beautiful.

I think of each stitch as a blessing. Do we count our blessings every day? Or do we skip over one because we didn’t think it was that great?

Let’s remember that each blessing is a gift from God, and be thankful.

Thanks Mom for teaching me this lesson through the simple art of cross-stitching.

She finished the final outlining on her cross-stitch piece and sat back to admire her work. It took an enormous amount of time to finish each x and back-stitch, but she knew in the end it would be worth it. Her labour of love would adorn the walls of her children’s homes once she left this world.

Psalm 21:1-7 (The Message)

Your strength, God, is the king’s strength. Helped, he’s hollering Hosannas.

You gave him exactly what he wanted; you didn’t hold back.

You filled his arms with gifts; you gave him a right royal welcome.

He wanted a good life; you gave it to him, and then made it a long life as a bonus.

You lifted him high and bright as a cumulus cloud, then dressed him in rainbow colors.

You pile blessings on him; you make him glad when you smile.

Is it any wonder the king loves God? That he’s sticking with the Best?

(Mom cross-stitched this beautiful hummingbird piece. Love it!)


  1. Stephanie

    The hummingbirds are beautiful.
    What a great encouragement to stick with the task at hand…even when it’s difficult and frustrating! Thanks again, Dar.

  2. Jodi

    I have a cross-stitch piece your Mother made for me. I will cherish it forever!!

    • Darlene L. Turner

      Hi Jodi! Mama made so many pieces. And…they were all stitched with love. Thanks for visiting my blog. If you want, you can sign up to get them each week. I post on Mondays.
      Thanks again,


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