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They stood at attention with swords raised as she walked through the village in the darkness. Her mission outreach lasted longer than normal and the path home took her through the toughest part of town. The most feared gang in this small community came out at dusk and evil lurked in every corner. They were known for their rapes, stabbings, and kidnapping of un-suspecting women. She needed their protection.

The warriors’ leader spied the gang heading her way. They had spotted the woman and their knives were out, ready to pounce. They would intercept within minutes.

“Everyone,” the warrior said. “It’s time. Raise your swords and form a circle of protection.”

The others obeyed and stood as sentinels around the young missionary creating a shield.

The woman stopped as if sensing the impending danger.

“Where did she go,” the gang leader asked. He looked in one direction and then the other. “She couldn’t have disappeared.” He waved his knife towards one path. “You two check down there. We’ll go the other way.”

They left and the women continued home. The warriors had shielded her from their sight.

“Good work,” the leader said. “Another one of our own is safe and sound.”

Back in Canada, a group had gathered in the middle of the night. They formed a circle, holding hands and prayed for Cynthia’s protection in the mission field. The pastor had woken from a deep sleep and sensed God wanted him to pray for her, so he immediately called on his flock. Unbeknownst to them, at that very same moment, the warriors had formed their shield of protection.

Have you ever heard stories similar to this? I have. Someone in need of intervention found out later that their church family prayed at the exact time they needed it. The danger was diverted. Praise Him.

What would happen if we stopped praying? Would God’s angels still protect His people? Of course, but how would we learn prayer works if we didn’t see the results?

God wants to hear from His people. He desires conversation with His loved ones. He’s a jealous God and wants our attention. Not just every now and then, but daily, even moment-to-moment.

This is one area I hear Christians say they struggle in the most. I know I do. We’re always too busy to stop and talk to Him. Been there, done that. Why are we always rushing to do things, but forget to do the most important thing? Take time to pray.

If we did really truly pray and got down on our knees, I believe we would hear many more stories like the one above. We would see more answers to prayers. Perhaps the world would see us for who we really are. People who love our God and care for others.

Will you join me? Let’s get on our knees and make our stand!

What If His People Prayed? (by Mark Hall)

What if the armies of the Lord
Picked up and dusted off their swords
Vowed to set the captive free
And not let satan have one more

What if the Church, for heaven’s sake
Finally stepped up to the plate
Took a stand upon God’s promise
And stormed hell’s rusty gates

What if His people prayed
And those who bear His name
Would humbly seek His face, yeah
And turn from their old ways
He said that He would hear
His promise has been made
He’ll answer loud and clear yeah
If only we would pray


  1. Stephanie

    Thank you, Dar, for the reminder – and the challenge. I need to be reminded often, not because I don’t believe in the importance of prayer, but because I allow myself to get too busy, too distracted. Bless you, my friend.

  2. susan steeves

    The Power of Prayer is probably one of the most important gifts our God has given us besides His Son -Our Savior.I need to use the gift He has given me MORE, Love ya Sis thanks for always inspiring me and many others.


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