Jaedon peaked out the small crack in the woodshed. Armed men guarded all exits of the enormous compound where he was being held. No chance of escape. He plunked himself back into the chair by the rickety table. A rat scurried across the floorboards causing Jaedon to lift his legs and hug them close to his chest.

Did his brothers really give him over to this underground world of thieves? He rubbed the stubble on his chin. Two weeks ago thugs brought him here at gunpoint and warned him not to attempt an escape or his family would pay the price. Since then, he’d already gotten himself into hot water. Banished to the tiny building—all because he wouldn’t give in to the boss’s girlfriend. Jaedon knew her flirty type. She was nothing but trouble.

And he was right. She lied and told everyone he tried to seduce her. Jaedon was sent to his new quarters to learn a lesson.

Two other prisoners lay sleeping on small cots on the other side of the room. One was the boss’s gardener, the other his cook. They also were banished to this prison-like shed.

The door swung open. A guard placed supper in front of Jaedon and slipped back out again, locking the door behind him. The chicken soup aroma filled the cabin, making Jaedon’s mouth water.

“Lunch time, boys,” he said.

They stirred. “Oh man, I had the weirdest dream,” the gardener said. He grabbed a bowl and sat at the table.

“Tell me,” Jaedon said.

“I planted three rose bushes for our head boss, Pascal. Within three days they not only grew and blossomed, but they sprouted three more bushes. All different colors. The smell radiated throughout the compound. Weird, huh? That’s not even possible.”

“That’s nothing,” the cook said. “In my dream, I baked three amazing cakes. When Pascal took a bite, worms exploded from each one. Oh my.” He grabbed a spoon. “Jaedon, we’ve heard good things about you from one of the guards. That you’re a God-fearing man. Do you think God is telling us something?”

Jaedon finished his soup and leaned back in his chair. He didn’t know if God still used dreams today but the meaning of these were perfectly clear to him. Did they really want to hear it? He remembered the last time he talked about dreams—his brothers held it against him.

He turned to the gardener. “I think your sentence will be up in three days and you’ll be back planting Pascal’s garden. It will flourish for all to enjoy.”


Jaedon sighed and glanced at the cook. “I could be wrong, but I believe yours doesn’t have such a happy ending. I think you’ll be fired in three days.”

The cook bolted from his chair, spilling his soup. “What? You gotta be wrong, man. Pascal will come to his senses.”

Jaedon shrugged. “Could be.”

Three days later Jaedon sat alone in his prison.

Have you ever wondered if your dreams mean anything? I know I have. The dream world is such a fascinating thing. In my contemporary gothic novel, my main character has to use her dreams to unlock the secrets of a mysterious mansion. As I was writing it, I often wondered if such a thing could actually happen. Could God use a dream to solve a puzzle or predict the future? Does He still give people gifts like that?

He did for Joseph, so why couldn’t God do the same today? This is just one aspect God used in Joseph’s life to bring him to a place where God would use him. Let’s take a look at the next part of Joseph’s story.

God put Joseph in that prison for a reason. Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce Joseph, but it backfired on her when he wouldn’t relent. His morals were top notch. Could others say that about us? However, it cost Joseph his freedom because she lied. I’m sure he probably questioned why. But, we know why. God put him there to interpret dreams which would one day be used mightily. God gave him that gift. Have you wondered why God allowed something to happen in your life? Oh, it might not be as drastic as Joseph…or maybe it was. Trust in His sovereignty and the bigger picture.

Joseph didn’t shy away from interpreting the dreams. Even though Joseph knew the baker would die, he still told him what his dream meant. That must have been hard. He could of lied to the man and told him something else, but Joseph was a man of truth. Integrity. He knew that was what God wanted him to say. After all, God had given him a gift. He needed to use it. Are you using yours? Do you know God has called you to do something but you’re scared? Let’s follow Joseph’s example and go for it!

Have you banished yourself from letting God use you? Perhaps you’ve shied away and hid under a bushel thinking God could never use someone as small and insignificant as you. Are you feeling that way right now? Or maybe you don’t trust in His bigger picture.

I know there have been times I have. I’ve listened to Satan’s lies and began to question my gifts. I heard him saying, “You can’t write. You’re just fooling yourself.”

You know what I say to that? “Satan, get BEHIND me!”

Don’t listen to the lies! Let’s banish the evil one and let God use us for His glory.

That’s what we’re called to do. You never know when He’s using you to touch someone’s life. Yes, little you and me. We’re not insignificant.

Remember that!

Genesis 39:23 (NIV) – “The warden paid no attention to anything under Joseph’s care, because the Lord was with Joseph and gave him success in whatever he did.”

Excellent read. You won't be able to put it down!

Excellent read. You can expect an adventure!

Share your wackiest dream with us. I promise, I won’t try and interpret it. I often wonder what my reoccurring one means where all my teeth crumble and fall out! 🙂 Let’s have some fun and share.

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