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What if…Jesus was born in a palace?

Queen Mary sat on her throne observing her children.  One sat alone building a tower with wooden blocks, while another tinkled his fingers over the strings of a harp. Jesus strutted into the room and raised his hands.  “Good morning, my subjects. I’m gracing you with...

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What if…the shepherds fled from fear?

Silas pulled his cloak tighter around his body to block out the coolness of the night air. He leaned on his staff to rest his bum leg. The others huddled in a group just down the hill. He heard them whispering and laughing as they peered back at him. Why don’t the...

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What if…Santa didn’t exist?

He tapped his shiny black boot and pushed back the white fur cuff to look at his watch. Almost closing time. Where are all the kids? The mall was bustling with shoppers, but no children were waiting in line to see him. “Why don’t the kids want to see me anymore?” he...

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A Tribute to a War Brother

June 1, 1944 – “A” Company of the North Shore Regiment Camp “Company orders, we set sail for France tomorrow.” The major read from the telegram. “The mission—secure Juno Beach and drive back the enemy.” Wes pulled his uniform jacket closer to his body to keep the...

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What if…we laid down our burdens?

“Let me help,” Carrie said to her daughter. “It’s too heavy for you.” “No,” Rebecca said. “Let me do it.” Rebecca insisted she carry the groceries from the store to their apartment. The five-year old could be stubborn at times, but Carrie knew if she didn’t let her...

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