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A Man After God’s Own Heart

Damien shoved his hands in his pockets and studied the square tiles on the floor. He knew he was in big trouble after this latest screw up. No way his dad would forgive him. Over the past few years Damien had been in and out of school detention for various reasons....

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Tempted by Just One Look

Decker leaned closer to the window to get a better glimpse of the beauty sitting in the courtyard below. Taking advantage of the noonday sun, she extended her long legs and leaned back on the bench. Decker’s assistant dropped a large file on his desk, interrupting his...

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Random Acts of Kindness

Donny trudged up the stairs and slipped his backpack from his shoulder. It fell with a thud. His mother turned from the sink of dirty dishes. “Bad day at school?” “Jim lost his battle with cancer.” His mother rushed over and wrapped her arms around him. “Honey, I’m so...

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Revenge is sweet…or is it?

Darius tiptoed closer to his prey. He smiled at the thought of taking revenge on the one who taunted him like a cat playing with its captured mouse. Teasing until finally putting it out of its misery. He bent over the sleeping figure and gently lifted the prized NY...

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Blog Awards

Hi everyone! I'm proud to say I've been given the honour of two awards by my friends at Christian Editing Services. Thanks ladies! The awards are as follows. “Inspiring Blog Award” “One Lovely Blog Award" The rules? I am to give you seven exciting facts about myself...

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Forever Friends

Justin stuck a marshmallow on the end of his makeshift spear. His mouth watered just thinking about the roasted treat. He held it near the hottest coals and turned it slowly—the only way to toast a campfire delight. Leaving it in one spot would make it catch fire. He...

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