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What if…we took a closer look?

Roxanne stopped outside the door and turned. “I can’t do this." “Yes, you can,” Valerie said. “Come on.” She grabbed Roxanne’s arm and pulled her inside. The dimly lit room bustled with activity. Children giggled in one corner as a group of climbers were outfitted in...

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Hi everyone! I'm currently in New Brunswick vacationing with my family. Watch for my next post on August 13th. Thanks for following my blog. Darlene Sue's 50th birthday party! (left to right - Sue, Darren, Julie, Harrison, Vanessa, Darlene, Chris, Natalie, and...

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What if…we hid in the Rock?

He positioned himself on an elevated rock, senses on high alert. He breathed in the air trying to catch a scent of anything threatening his kin. Since his second birthday his mother said he had a responsibility to protect the others. His community housed 80 and once...

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Happy Birthday Canada!

It's a special day here in Canada, so I'm taking a break from my regular "What if" series, plus posting today! It's July 1st - Canada Day! Right now the Canadian flag in our back yard is flapping in the gentle breeze. It got me thinking about our country. As we...

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